Statistic: 75% of hospitality workers say that consistent communication and check-ins with managers are some of the most impactful ways to foster a supportive workplace environment.1

Problem: In hospitality, we are all very busy and insufficient communication between manager and employees occurs for a variety of understandable reasons. Although it requires effort, if we do not make time for manager/ team communication we can create an unmotivated, uninformed, and discouraged team.

 “The ability of managers to communicate objectives, thoughtful decisions, openness to others, self-confidence, and loyalty to personal principles is important for increasing satisfaction (Baquero et al., 2019)… Unsatisfactory working conditions lead to work–family conflicts, time pressure, emotional exhaustion, and time stress, which ultimately result in high turnover rates (Deery & Jago, 2015).”2 I think we’ve all had enough of high turnover!

            Solutions: Establish communication protocols with your team, clearly communicate them, and consistently follow through.

  • Have casual daily check-ins, pre-shift lineups, or regularly scheduled team meetings.
  • Encourage your team to reach out to a manager or teammate if they are struggling; assure the team they will not be judged or penalized for doing so.
  • Create opportunities for team building and staff bonding outside of work hours.1

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By Andrew Baughman