Resilience Fund

A Relief Fund with Heart

Grants to 788 Independent Restaurants

With this additional funding from PG&E, the Restaurants Care Resilience Fund will have provided grants to 788 independent restaurants (318 in 2021, 356 in the Spring of 2022, and 114 in the Fall of 2022). That’s 788 burger joints, taquerias, bakeries, and more that got a boost when they needed it most. 

In 2022, the fund is focused on supporting two things that keep a restaurant running – kitchens and crews. Grant funds, powered by substantial donations from SoCalGas, PGE&E, and SDG&E can be used to invest in equipment upgrades or retention bonuses.

Many of these restaurants represent family legacies and life-long dreams. The average time in business is 9.7 years, with nearly 80 restaurants operating for more than two decades. To see the full list of our 2022 grant recipients so far click here.

And we’re not stopping there! Wells Fargo is powering one year of small business support services for the restaurants. Monthly trainings, discounts, and access to experts will build long-term resilience for our restaurant community.

Restaurants Care was created in 2017 as a safety-net for food and beverage workers, and that hasn’t stopped! Year-round we help the servers, cooks, and dishwashers at the heart of restaurants.  To learn more about hardship grants for food and beverage workers click here.

Thank You to Our Funders

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What resilience looks like 

Grants for kitchen equipment or retention bonuses
A safety-net for crew members
Free support services


who is eligible

2022 Fall Cycle Eligibility

Customer of PG&E

1-3 units

Located in CA

< $3 million in annual revenue

Open for at least one full year

Consideration given to women + people of color

Grant Amount


What do grants cover?

Kitchens and crews keep restaurants running – let’s make them more resilient!

In 2022, the Resilience Fund is investing in the two things that keep a restaurant running—kitchens and crews. Grants are awarded to restaurants for kitchen equipment upgrades or retention bonuses.


Chef Plating Food

More than Money

We are committed to long-term success and resilience. Restaurants that received a grant from the Resilience Fund have been welcomed into a cohort and receive one year of support services and resources to improve their businesses for the long-term. 

Small Business Support Services
powered by

membership to the CRA



monthly training

social connections

access to experts

Meet the 2022 Restaurant Grantees

a bit about the restaurants



Of the restaurant grantees….

  • 52% are full-service restaurants
  • 72% are women
  • 83% are people of color 
  • 49% will use the grant for kitchen upgrades and 51% will use the grant for retention bonuses


Chef Plating Food
Chef Plating Food
  • The most in-demand kitchen equipment? Ovens! 32% of those who selected “kitchen equipment” will use the funds to buy ovens.
  • 1,211 hard-working employees will receive retention bonuses!




  • 92% of the restaurants are single-unit and 8% have 2-3 units.
  • The oldest restaurant is Phoenix Bakery in LA’s Chinatown (84 years!!).


Chef Plating Food
Giving Crew

How did this start?

Restaurants Care is a relief fund for California food and beverage workers launched in 2017. We provide direct assistance when cooks, servers, dishwashers and more face unforeseen hardship. When the pandemic hit, we mobilized quickly to support 1,200 workers and their families.

Given the extraordinary circumstances brought on by the pandemic, we recognized a need to go further and help restaurant businesses stay open and keep their crews employed.

This dream was made possible by a coalition of funders who were truly partners in creating the Resilience Fund. Our deepest gratitude to lead funder SoCalGas and generous funders PG&E, SDG&E and Wells Fargo.

We love restaurants. We’re here to help. 

Media Inquiries

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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I apply? 

If you are a PG&E customer, you can apply Oct. 1-8, 2022 for the fall application cycle.

If I received a grant, when can I expect the check?

Checks will be mailed to the address you included on your application in late November.

What is included in the small business support services? 

Spring grant recipeints are invited to join a cohort with other restaurants and receive one year of support. This includes free membership to the CRA, monthly trainings, discounts, and peer-to-peer learning. Fall grant recipients will be invited to monthly trainings via Zoom. 

How does this fund help f+b workers?

Great question! Of the funds we have to grant out, 5% will go to the Restaurants Care relief fund for food and beverage workers. This is our way of building a holistic recovery. Grants for restaurants, small business support services, and grants for workers. Workers do not have to be employed at one of the restaurants receiving relief funding. Any f+b worker in CA can apply for help at

Who is eligible to receive a grant for the Fall Cycle?

  • Customers of PG&E
  • Independent restaurants (not part of a large chain or franchise) 
  • 1-3 units
  • Under $3 million in annual revenue (combined revenue for all units/concepts) 
  • Have been open for at least one full year 
  • Located in CA owned by a CA resident
  • Note: members of the STATE boards of the California Restaurant Association and California Restaurant Foundation are not eligible. 
  • All restaurants that meet the above criteria are eligible and encouraged to apply, additional consideration is given to restaurants owned by women and people of color.

How did you determine grant approval?

Completed applications that meet eligibility requirements are reviewed and scored on a rubric created by a task force of the California Restaurant Foundation.

Do you have to be a CRA member to apply?

Nope! Membership to the California Restaurant Association is not considered as part of the application or selection process. 

Why do you need a personal statement and photo?

Restaurants Care is not a financial institution or government agency. We’re a community nonprofit with heart! We are doing everything we can to help restaurants and their crews. Your story helps us know you better. We share stories and photos to show donors the impact of their donation and to bring new champions to our work.

How can grants be used?

Grants will be awarded to restaurants for kitchen equipment upgrades or retention bonuses.

Kitchen equipment: eligible equipment must be energy efficient and qualify for rebates (Hey! That’s extra money to help pay for your equipment!). Items include: steamer, rack oven, conveyor broiler, combination oven, conveyor oven, fryer, underfired broiler, convection oven, griddle, and dishwasher. You can use your $3,000 check to purchase from whichever vendor you would like. To learn more about rebates available, visit

Retention bonuses: help retain your best staff members by giving them a bonus. You will need to state how many employees will receive grants and which positions they have (front of house, back of house, managers). The number of employees and positions do NOT impact your likelihood of getting a grant – it is a flat $3,000 grant.

Do I have to pay this back?

No! This is not a loan. But you do need to recognize it as revenue, and you should consult with your accountant on any filing required.

Is it first come first serve? 

No. All submitted applications will be reviewed. In the case we have more qualified applicants than funding, we will do a lottery draw to determine grant awards.

Are gifts to the Resilience Fund tax-deductible?

Yes! The Restaurants Care Resilience Fund is a program of the California Restaurant Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that has been serving our restaurant community since 1981. Our agency ID is 95-3676330. You can donate to the fund here or mail a check to California Restaurant Foundation, Resilience Fund, 621 Capitol Mall, Suite 2000, Sacramento, CA 95814

Are food trucks eligible for funding? 

Unfortunately not at this time. Our current funding comes from utility companies so applicants must be a customer of SoCalGas, PG&E or SDG&E. We will update this page if that changes.

Can restaurants be closed at the time of application?

No. Restaurants must be open for business to be eligible for this grant. Modified business operations such as take-out and delivery only are okay.

How can I contact you if I have questions?

Please email us at