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Uncle Ed’s

Equator Coffees + Chef Tyler Florence

Equator Coffee + Tyler Florence

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America’s Toast

Join us every Friday night for America’s Toast! We’re asking everyone to order take-out on Fridays (support your favorite restaurants) and order a drink – cocktail, soft drink, wine, whatever you want! Then go on Instagram and toast a frontline worker. Show your gratitude for those who are keeping us safe!

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Cause Marketing Partnerships

What is cause marketing?

It’s a win-win for you AND your customers! People want to spend their money with companies that care about bettering the world—and helping to solve problems. Let’s work together to add a charitable component to your business.

Percent of Sales

Donate a percent of sales of an item.

Example: For every sauce sold, the food manufacturer will donate a percentage of the sales.

Portion of a Case/Pack

Donate a dollar amount.

Example: For every case sold, $1 will be donated.


Connect the Restaurants Care donation with a special event.

Example: During CA Wine Month, a percent of every bottle sold of X wine will be donated.

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