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Power our work of caring for those at the heart of our restaurant community. Our Giving Crew provides ongoing support to restaurant workers by choosing to give monthly or quarterly. Your donations allow Restaurants Care to provide consistent, reliable grants and services to hundreds of cooks, servers, dishwashers, and bartenders.

Giving Crew
Giving Crew

Join our crew. Your recurring donation is needed to help build the Restaurants Care relief fund so we can always say yes to a restaurant worker in need.

Giving Crew Benefits

Receive a welcome package when you join!

  • Restaurants Care bandana
  • Restaurants Care pin
  • Restaurants Care sticker
  • Printed Restaurants Care cards 
  • Recognition on website
  • Subscription to newsletter

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Giving Crew Welcome Package

Meet Our Giving Crew

Michelle Abcede

Tammy Chow

Rachel Clifton

Julie D’Amico

Manini Desai

Tyler Florence

Lezlie Johnson

Kelly Kaiser Clingman

Victoria LaRive

Sean OBrien

Todd Smith

Patricia Thompson

Bradley Zaller