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Eight Ways to get Involved

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01. Make a Donation

If you’re able, make a donation to help those at the heart of our restaurant family!

Your donations power:



Your gift of $50 will help provide groceries for a restaurant worker and their family.


Your gift of $350 will help with childcare, transportation and utilities for a worker in need.


Your gift of $500 will help provide a family with rent while they are out of work.

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02. Be a Cause
Marketing  Partner

We partner with brands to add a charitable component to their business. Current Partnerships Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka + Equator Coffee.

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03. Be a Champion

Join the circle of leaders who are investing in Restaurants Care! Companies and individuals who donate $10,000+ a year are recognized as Champions.

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04. (Fun)draise!

Put the “Fun” in fundraising! Sign up one of our challenges like “86 My Hair for Restaurants Care”. This is a great way to rally your friends and raise money for the Restaurants Care fund.

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05. #OurFoodFamily

Follow us on Instagram @Restaurants_Care! Yes, that helps us too!

Share our mission – we’ll send you a social media tool kit

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06. Spread the Word

You can give back by helping us spread the word about Restaurants Care:

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07. Volunteer

Restaurants Care hosts events that are powered by volunteers just like you! Take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire so we can pair you with the right opportunity.

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08. Host an Event

You can tailor your Restaurants Care event to your business. Types of events range and include:

virtual events

private dinners

ticketed events


menu tastings with a chef

cocktail mixers

and more

Restaurants can also consider donating a portion of sales or a special menu item to support Restaurants Care.

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To Get Involved

Takeout + Donate | Get Involved

Takeout + Donate

Simply add a donate button to your takeout and online ordering allowing your guests to provide financial support to restaurant employees impacted by COVID through Restaurants Care. Contact Alycia at

Additional Resources

Download the Additional Resources PDF for more information about available services.

Download a Poster

Hang this poster in your kitchen or Back Of House to let your employees know about this new resource!

our community

Thank you to Those

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to provide financial support to those who have had hardships in their lives. We at Restaurants Care are grateful for the community that has allowed us to help many in the restaurant community for so many years.

Being a part of Restaurants Care is more than just a donation. When you are a part of helping the restaurant community, you are a part of the restaurant family.

To learn more, please contact Bobbi Cichowski at ​

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let's get together (virtually) 

Events & Webinars

WEBINAR: Why Customer Connection is Key

August 13, 2020

As digital technologies ramp up and available options seem endless, creating a digital strategy to reach and engage current, past, and prospective clients is key. Panelists will discuss the ways in which you can connect to your customers through the digital world, including your presence and through others on social media and marketing programs, and why you want to stay connected with a direct connection to your customers and fans.


WEBINAR: Maxed Out! Managing Stress for You, Your Guests, and Staff

May 27, 2020 | 61m

To say we are living in challenging times is an understatement. We recognize the enormous stress the COVID-19 pandemic is causing everyone. So how do we balance taking care of ourselves while supporting our staff and alleviating the fears and anxiety of guests? Join us for a compelling webinar discussion and learn practical stress management strategies and how to create an emotionally safe environment for you, your staff and your guests. This webinar is focused on wellness needs for the foodservice community. 


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