General Grant Application

Caring for CA’s Food + Beverage Workers

Emergency assistance for F+B workers during times of crisis. 

NOTE: This fund is for individual workers – not for small businesses! The grant application for small businesses will be open on April 15 here.

If you’re a food + beverage worker in California and going through an unexpected illness, injury, death in the immediate family, natural disaster, or housing disaster, please apply here. All grant applications must be submitted online. The application is in English and Spanish. 

Si necesitas asistencia de traducción, envía tu nombre y número de teléfono a y te conectaremos con un traductor voluntario que puede ayudarte a completar tu aplicación.

Everyone is welcome to apply. An application must be 100% completed to be reviewed. Please refer to the checklist below for all the necessary documentation required and the criteria.

Restaurants Care does NOT guarantee assistance upon completion of a request, provide assistance due to unemployment, or due to loss of hours or income not directly caused by a qualifying crisis.

We are unable to pay for lost hours or unemployment due to Covid.