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Our History

While our Foundation has been around for more than three decades, the inspiration for Restaurants Care came just a few years ago. Jose, a cook in Sacramento, was struck in a hit and run on his way home after a late-night shift. He suffered a broken back, amongst other life-threatening injuries. The doctors at UC Davis Medical Center didn’t expect him to live.

The restaurant community came together and raised money to support Jose while he recovered. At that moment, we knew that something bigger had to happen. Restaurants Care was created to take care of the most vulnerable in our industry. We are here to offer care, support and hope during their darkest hour.

Restaurants Care Three Year Anniversary

Celebrating 3 Years!

We launched the Restaurants Care relief fund in 2017 with the goal of creating a safety-net for California restaurant workers in crisis. In three short years, we’ve seen our restaurant community through five natural disasters, one global pandemic, and countless daily hardships. We’ve helped 1,650 cooks, dishwashers, servers and bartenders. And we’re just getting started! Thank you for joining us on this important journey to care for our food families.

Your donations help to power our relief fund.

Restaurants Care Grants Awarded Since 2017

Natural Disaster Grants Awarded Since 2017

COVID-19 Grants Awarded Since 2020

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Our Mission

Restaurants Care’s mission is to provide support for our restaurant families in need by offering financial assistance for basic living expenses as people recover from an injury, illness, death in the family, or unseen hardship. We are investing in our current workforce, the heart of our community, restaurant workers in their time of need.

We are moved and honored to be a resource to our restaurant community, and we look forward to helping many more through Restaurants Care.

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What We Do

We provide direct financial relief to restaurant workers facing an unforeseen hardship. Grants help to cover basic living expenses such as rent, food and utilities as someone works through a crisis.

If you are injured, ill, in a natural disaster or experience personal challenges from mental health or substance abuse, Restaurants Care is here to help.

It is our way of giving back to the employees at the heart of our restaurant community.

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Our Team

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Jot Condie

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Alycia Harshfield


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